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Liz Borden is  musician with a melodic feel and a love of vocal harmonies. Add a dose rock and a punch of attitude and you have Liz Borden songs. Playing cover and original songs, some even crossing the Dixie line. 

Liz Borden is an actor, musician, singer, songwriter, producer, music manager, photographer and writer.
Liz Borden is currently living in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA. In 2021 she finished filming an independent movie titled Angel. Angel is now traveling the film festival circuit.  Liz also co stared in the movie Matricher Falls. The movie was written and  directed by Cherie Kerr who also starred in the mockumentary. Cherie is one of the founding members of the famous improv group The Groundlings.  This movie is the sequel to Cherie Kerr’s movie, The Show Can’t Go On. Matricher Falls is currently in the film festival circuit winning many awards. In Matricher Falls, Liz plays a disgruntled consession stand worker and the movie is hilarious! Rumor has it there will be a sequel. This movie was be released in 2022. Also in 2022 Liz Borden filmed the movie, The Path Of The Damed. A western set in the 1800’s where Liz plays a barkeep. A woman that does not like strangers coming into her town! Check out The Judge Karen Show where Liz Plays the defendant, Jody Braunstein .  

Liz has four books available on Amazon titled

Liz Borden - My Life In Poetry & Short Stories Volume 1

Liz Borden - My Life In Poetry & Short Stories Volume 2

Liz Borden- On The Road Of Life In Photographs

Liz Borden- A Children's book of facts on Bees, Bugs & Butterflies

Her poetry and stories are raw and real.

Liz has been playing in clubs since she was a teen. Her first two gigs were at The RAT in Boston and CBGB's in NYC. Liz played in bands until she formed the band LIZZIE BORDEN & The AXES with Rita Lavacchia. LIZZIE BORDEN & The AXES toured endlessly. Signed with record labels and toured some more. She has won several awards for her music and for music production. She has released nine albums and continues to play live shows and record. Liz's songs are currently featured in television shows, commercials and movies. She also writes songs for many other artists. Growing up in music and in touch with the streets of NYC & Boston she writes from experience and from deep in her soul. 

When not recording in the studio, you can find her on stage, writing new songs, producing other bands and recording in the studio. 

Liz feels strongly about animal rights and is a strong supporter of animal rescue and adoption. Her love for animals has always flowed over into her household filled with fur and feather babies. 

Liz has been an Ambassador and long time supporter of Music Drives Us. A non profit organization that provides musical instruments and education schools and other organizations. 

Liz Borden has appeard in the movies, Angel, Path Of The Damned, Matricher Falls, Everyone Asked About You, Its The Gravy.


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